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Experience the wild beauty

Montenegro is a land full of contrast and astonishing natural beauty. In addition to the high mountain peaks and the crystal clean rivers and streams flowing through, there is also the dark blue Adriatic Sea. The Montenegrin shore is decorated with an abundance of clean sandy, pebbled and stony beaches, which are sunny for the greatest part of the year. The beaches vary from a few dozen meters to several kilometers in length. They are stretched within short walking distance of the settlements and hotels, in bays, on the rocky coastline, close to stunning olive and pine groves.

Some of our gorgeous stretches of sand overlook the open sea, while others are nestled in the finest hidden coves you can find in this part of the world. Some of them offer all the necessities and equipment for a pleasant vacation, while others are wild and secluded, and you will be able to reach them only by small boats. The climate is Mediterranean, with the average summer air temperature of 27,4˚C. The number of sunny days per year is 240, and the bathing season lasts for 180 days. The sea is dark blue in colour, with the transparency of 38 up to 56 m.